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Dear Partner, 

After reviewing your skills and experience, we would like to invite you to be a member of our growing Path to Homeownership (PTHO) Faculty. As a PTHO Faculty Member, you will have access to our growing client base, presented as a trusted advisor, promoted to our clients via social media,  websites, the Path to Homeownership Facebook Group and our other media assets. You will also receive business referrals from our growing client database.  

You will have the opportunity to train, coach and mentor our clients as they are guided through our program. We will schedule presentations, webinars, interviews and discussions which will help our students better understand the home buying process. Please see the list of courses below for more information.  

Our Path to Homeownership training program is designed to ensure that our students receive the most accurate, up-to-date, unbiased, and easy-to-understand information needed for them to become a Homeowner, now or in the future. We are committed to providing our students with critical, difficult-to-find financial services and resources not readily available to most people and which we have painstakingly acquired over the past 20 years. Our Faculty are passionate about making a difference in the lives of all our students.  There are four steps used to determine the best “path” for our clients. 

    1. Financial Assessment The First step is a compulsory financial assessment to understand where they are now.
    2. Mortgage Ready Assessment. Next, is determine how Mortgage Ready our clients are today – some may qualify and don’t know it. 
    3. Rent To Own Assessment. If not Mortgage Ready, the alternative is our (Platinum) Program. Some of our students have the resources to purchase a home, they have bruised credit and limited capital but they meet our Rent to Own program requirements. 
    4. Alternative Path Assessment. If they don’t meet either Mortgage or Rent to Own requirements, they have access to our (Gold) Program, where we will help them prepare for a future Path to Homeownership. 
All of our courses are designed to be interactive, taking our students step-by-step through each aspect of the Home Ownership process, giving them the financial foundations to become successful homeowners. 

Dale Tidd, Director, 
HOS Path to Homeownership