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We found that sending Opportunities once a week is slowing the time for you to receive them. As we see the number of Opportunities growing, we have decided to change our process to get the opportunities sooner.

Therefore, rather than send you weekly emails, as of Monday, June 21, you will be receiving the Rent to Own Opportunities as soon as we have them vetted and screened. On Monday, June 21st, the Rent to Own opportunities will be sent directly from our Rent to Own Program Coordinators. We then send you the monthly cash flow payments, and at the end of the term, you cash out when the Tenant purchases the property.

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The information regarding the referenced Opportunity do not necessarily represent the final numbers for this Opportunity as there may be negotiated changes to line items such as House Price and Appreciation. These numbers represent the Opportunity as it has been agreed to by the Future Home Owner.


  1. After you have reserved an RTO Opportunity, the investor docs will be provided to you. You will ith then have 48 hours to either Take or Reject it.   
  2. During the 48 hours, other investors may be reviewing the same RTO Opportunity. 
  3. While an Opportunity can have multiple reservations, the first Investor to Take the Opportunity will be awarded the Opportunity. At this point, it will no longer be available.