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Bank Financing Has

HOS Financial has Changed With it!

Since 2005, HOS Financial has been helping families across Canada achieve the dream of Home Ownership by providing Custom Solutions using our Industry revolutionary Lease Purchase (Rent to Own) Program.

Our Rent to Own program is designed to help families who have been turned away from their banks when they have experienced Life Events that has negatively affected their Credit Score.

Our Journey to HOS Financial

Home Owner Soon is Canada’s leading rent to own company, specializing in lease to own applicants. Based in Toronto and operating in all provinces across Canada excluding Quebec, we offer an alternative solution for renters wishing to become homeowners. At Home Owner Soon we value our relationships with both our clients and the mortgage brokers who act as our ambassadors.

Serving Canadians Since 2005

Established in 2005, the Home Owner Soon Rent to Own Program from HOS Financial Inc. has been recognized as the National Industry Leader for Rent to Own Investing.

Our Philosophy is simple and driven by two guiding principles; Exit Strategy and Balance.

Our Mission is… “To be the greatest contributor to an improved financial position for both our clients and investors, all while continuing to maintain the core values of social responsibility.”

We focus on making homeownership accessible to more Canadian families through the industry best in class Path to Home Ownership Program.

SIMPLICITY, COMMITMENT and PROFESSIONALISM are the key qualities that influence our interaction with valued customers, partners and colleagues.

Our “Balance” Approach to every project ensures we are meeting the objectives of the Investor, to obtain Higher than Average ROIs, and balancing these returns with uncompromised appreciation and compassion for the family’s financial position and the affordability of our Home Owner Soon rent to own program.

A successful HOS Financial program is the result of a Corporate Strategy based on strong process controls, unparalleled underwriting guidelines and credit management featuring debt remedy which helps to minimize tenant default rates. We have demonstrated, the success of our program is the result of proper evaluation of the tenant’s financial position and strategies to improve their ability to qualify for an exit mortgage at the end of a 3 to 5 year term.

Our socially conscious investors enjoy higher than average rates of return, some of the highest security deposits in the industry and impressive cash on cash ratios compared to many other investment strategies all while helping local families realize their Dream of Home Ownership.

The Founder…

I love the idea of investing in families and helping them achieve their goals of home ownership. Owning your own home is hands down the single best investment a family can make. But truthfully, it wasn’t until I completed my first rent to own deal (where I was the investor) that I saw the true potential this idea had to literally help thousands of credit bruised families across Canada become home owners.

I strive for win-win partnerships in life and in business and this is the core of what both Home Owner Soon and Rent To Own Investor are all about. It excites me to be able to match investors who are driven as much by the great investment as they are with the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of a family who might never otherwise experience the tremendous benefits of becoming a home owner. The most gratifying part is knowing that each time we match an investor with a tenant, a legacy is established that will last for generations to come. There aren’t many other opportunities in our lives where we get to do that.

The Numbers Guy…

My first exposure to Home Owner Soon was when I was a full time mortgage broker three years ago. At that point, I didn’t even know what rent to own was all about.

Being a rental mortgage specialist, I helped close rent to own deals for investors and watched as they enjoyed high rates of return held by security that I rarely saw with other real estate strategies. As more of these deals came my way, I realized I was missing a tremendous investment opportunity.

After doing my due diligence, it didn’t take me long to become a lease to own investor. These deals were quite safe compared to my buy and hold properties. In fact, I was so impressed with the business model and its ability to impact families in need, I became a partner in it as well. I currently own quite a few lease to own properties and they continue to multiply as time goes by. As a mortgage broker, my job was to obtain financing.

With the disappearance of the “B” lending world after the US credit meltdown, I was finding more and more families left with no alternatives besides walking away from their homes. At Home Owner Soon, we are combating this situation by helping many families make a better life for themselves and their loved ones by getting them out of a rental environment and into great neighbourhoods where their kids can grow up in a safe nurturing environment.

What excites me most about our program is that we have implemented a mentorship program that actually helps rebuild client credit and gets them into a better position in life because they can then borrow at a much lower rate.

That has given me a tremendous sense of self satisfaction by making a change in people’s lives one home at a time. I was taken back as the credit manager for Home Owner Soon for helping so many families make a better life for their families and loved ones by getting them out of a rental environment and getting them into a decent neighbourhood where their kids could grow.

If your have or are facing any of the following issues…we can help!

  • Damaged or Bad Credit
  • Power of Sale
  • Foreclosure
  • Overwhelming debt
  • Turned down by your bank

Many families across our great country have benefited from our fantastic Lease Purchase (Rent to Own) Program…YOU can too!
We look forward to speaking with you!!.